A downloadable game for Windows

After the great war, various kingdoms are left in ruin.  One of the surviving heroes uses the legendary weapons for evil and begins to conquer the helpless lands.  Can you unite others in your cause to challenge this evil and restore order?


- Turn based classic Strategy RPG similar to Fire Emblem Heroes

- Cinematic cut scenes 

- Hidden coins which can be traded for rare weapons and items



Install instructions

Unzip file then run exe.

Development log


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This is excellant and well crafted like the best of the fir eemblem series i fact thank you for making this my friend!

Thank for your comment.  I'm always looking to improve so if you have any suggestions to make the game better, please feel free to make any suggestions.

i wish i knew how to make srpg games ive seen a few hacks this is so far the best if you ever need any help or ideas for the genre feel free to message me.

ive been looking to get into rpg maker and such