A downloadable game for Windows

A quick and dirty remake of a game made in Smile Game Builder.  Very incomplete demo made to showcase 3D gameplay using the Bakin game engine.  Please try it out and leave feedback if you like.  Most importantly, I hope my game gives you ideas for your next Bakin project and motivates you to do better!


You will get a lot of error messages due to some assets not playing nicely with Bakin due to Triangulation issues.  Check the box to ignore until reboot.  I have almost no Blender experience, but I learned a lot trying to fix what I could.  May run slow due to high polygon count used on imported assets.


Elemental Drifters R_pub.zip 459 MB

Install instructions

Unzip file and run included exe.

Development log


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Almost 500mb of files seems to me that you forgot to remove the BAKIN reserved object files.

I did check the  “remove unused files” option.  Didn’t know it was safe to remove those files so thanks for pointing that out.  The project was about 2GBs so 500mb seemed good for a final. ;)